Moving With Stillness

A 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Certification and Personal Development Program 

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The Moving With Stillness Yoga Teacher Certification and Personal Development Program is unique in the depth and diversity that it offers in its faculty and curriculum.
During this uncertain time of pandemic, it can be easy to fall into a place of disparity from lack of human contact and limited physical movement.  So we think it’s a great opportunity to bring people together to learn more about their personal yoga practice, and connect with other people.  One of the highlights of the program is the opportunity to make new connections and friends in a growing industry.  Just ask some of our graduates!  Their testimonies can be seen below.

Our program also offers an alignment-based training that covers a variety of yoga methods to better equip students for teaching opportunities as they arise.  Some of the styles of yoga that we cover are: Ashtanga, Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin, Restorative, and Kundalini.

Moving with Stillness’ virtual program has been created to deepen your practice regardless of your experience, and develop your critical thinking skills when applied to the yoga journey and life challenges..  You don’t have to become a yoga instructor, though we are creating that option for you.  Classes are live, but we can record lessons for you to review if you need. 

This program is designed to equip you with a collective wisdom that will allow you to approach any yoga posture with intelligent awareness.  We honour and respect the variety of body-types, levels of practice, and unique abilities, and this gives us the foundation of how to work appropriately with each different scenario.  And you’ll learn this too!

This might be our only Virtual Class offering – best to take advantage of it now!

Program Bonuses:


"Mark has passion, an enormous amount of knowledge and respect for the Ashtanga practice and tradition that is rare in the yoga world today. He combines his understanding of the  practice and anatomy to ensure that everyone has a safe and challenging practice. He has an infinite level of patience, and takes the time to get to know each one of his students. I went through a difficult time with a physically debilitating illness, and Mark's patience and encouragement kept me coming back to practice, and in the past year my practice is probably at the best place its ever been!"  ~VANESSA V.

Summer 2020 Virtual Training: September 24 - December 6, 2020

Early Bird Special: 

Sign up before September 10, 2020 to receive your $300 discount for the fall session. 

Meet The Instructors You Will Be Working With:

 The depth and diversity of any program is rooted in its highly experienced and sought-after instructors. We seek out the best. All of our instructors have been teaching for over ten years and are passionate about sharing their knowledge with students who are eager to learn.

Carmelinda Di Manno

Carmelinda is the program director and has been practicing yoga for nearly 20 years exploring Moksha, Vinyasa, Yin, and Kundalini.  Carmelinda also has a background in dance enhancing her intuitive sense of flow and creativity.  

 Mark Morra

Mark has been practicing for almost 20 years focussing mostly on Ashtanga and Vinyasa, and has developed a mastery in hands-on adjusting.   He also enjoys researching yoga philosophy and iconography and enriches the course with his research.  Mark emphasizes "how" to teach instead of what to teach as a fundamental part of his methodology.   Mark will be joining the faculty in the Spring session of 2021.

Sandy McHugh

Sandy has been practicing yoga since 2002 and teaching since 2007.   Sandy practices vinyasa, restorative, and yin yoga.  She believes in creating overall strength and increasing mobility.  Sandy also teaches Pilates, is a Craniosacral therapist, and Reiki practitioner.

Katie Phang

Katie places priority on a daily practice at the Ashtanga Yoga Centre of Toronto, believing that in order to teach effectively, it’s best to walk the talk and share from one’s personal experiences. She hopes to inspire students to come to the mat for themselves to gain a deeper understanding of their physical, mental and emotional worlds.

Ksenia Jourova

Ksneia began her yogic journey 12 years ago in a vinyasa-based practice.   As a teacher and student of yoga, Ksenia cultivates body-mind-breath awareness that extends beyond the class; she seeks to share how the “lessons from the mat” translate into life as an academic and a mother.  Ksenia believe one’s practice begins with the decision to investigate one’s passions with curiosity, flexibility, and a share of good humour.

"I was a student in the inaugural Moving with Stillness training, and to be honest, I wish I could have stayed in the training forever. I found the program to be a place that fostered immense curiosity within myself, and I felt safe and supported, as I started peeling back those curious layers.  Mark and the rest of the faculty bring with them a diverse set of skills and perspectives, and an openness to continue their own growth and learning; exactly what you would want from a YTT team. All in all, this program, and faculty have been nothing short of inspirational!"  ~JAIME V.

Special Guest Faculty:

Sara Salehi

Sara is a yoga teacher that has been trained to support you on your journey from trauma to wellness.  As a veteran of the Canadian Armed Forces, she combines her military background as well as her academic and yoga teacher training to present science and hands-on strategies to manage stress and tension.  Sara has a Master of Science degree in Rehabilitation Science and offers workshops and group yoga sessions that utilize breathing and movement to enhance brain and body awareness as well as improve the chances of trauma recovery and physical addiction.

Jaime Vinderine

Jaime is a dynamic artist, yoga teacher and Expressive Arts Practitioner with a passion for lifelong learning. Through a variety of media and creative outlets, Jaime inspires her clients to tap into the power of self-expression and creativity in a safe, supportive environment. She believes that, at our core, we are all creative beings, and promotes wellness and a deeper understanding of self through a wide range of services.

About The Mentorship Program:

You likely signed up for this program because of a yoga instructor that inspires you and is currently on the faculty for Moving With Stillness.

This is your opportunity to work closely with a teacher of your choice as your mentor throughout the program.

Your mentor will check in with you once a week to see how you are progressing and help you work towards reaching your goals.  You can consult your mentor more frequently if you need.

"Anyone practicing traditional Ashtanga Vinyasa understands the utter importance of a teacher/student relationship. There must be immense trust in the teacher for the student to be able to surrender, in confidence, to make for safe, transformational adjustments. Having known Mark for eight years, I believe he is worthy of such trust. He is incredibly knowledgeable, and understands how to work intelligently with one's body helping bring greater self-awareness into the practice. And in addition to his practical expertise, he is very motivating and passionate. A true inspiration and joy to know and practice with!"  ~ROBINA W.

About Our Unique Modular Program:

  All modules adhere to the Yoga Alliance curriculum standards are as follows:    

"The first time I ever tried Yoga was one of Katie’s classes, I’ve tried other instructors over the years but I’ve never received the same detailed instruction and encouragement as I do with Katie. She is very knowledgeable and has a knack of being able to adjust her instruction for all levels from beginner to advanced practice Yogis. She stresses Yoga as a personal journey with absolutely no pressure or comparisons to anyone else. She is such a positive and friendly person and is always able to motivate with a smile to get the most out of all of her long term clients. The combination of a consistent Yoga practice and Thai Massage can’t be beat – never felt better! Thanks!"  ~DOUG R.

Program Prerequisites:

A minimum of 6 months of a yoga practice should be in place to have some familiarity with the content and asana practice.  

Call us to see if you are eligible but unsure.

Is This Program For You?

If you want to be a yoga instructor – then YES!!!  There is no studio-affiliation or connection to one style of practice.  It is an ALIGNMENT BASED program that can be applied to any style and open up your marketability.

If you don’t want to be a yoga instructor, but you want to go deeper in your practice, then YES!!!  The ALIGNMENT BASED program allows you to think critically about how you approach asana, and even who you choose to teach you.


"Love it here with Katie! Yoga with Katie connects me back to India! Her style is so calming and original! I’m so relaxed after the practice, thanks Katie!"  ~ARPITA S.

"Katie is an incredible yoga teacher and also a warm, caring soul. Through my years of practicing with Katie, I have learned to be more attuned to my body, and be grateful for the gift of being able to practice. Through creative and challenging sequences, to an adjustment here and there, Katie helps all of her students along in their yoga journey. I am thankful to be able to practice with such a dedicated and inspiring teacher, and friend."  ~LIZ C.

"I had great experience with Dev. He helps me to back into my shape & taught how to stay fit! Now I know my body can do so much more I thought I can’t do it! Help me with the confidence & he was so supportive!"  ~SIM B.

Fall 2020 Virtual Training: September 24 - December 6, 2020




Cancellation Policy:

Total = $2,499

NOW: $2,199

Early Bird Special: Sign Up Before September 10, 2020 & Pay Only $2,199

$200 Non-Refundable Deposit Due Upon Registration

Full Tuition due by September 15, 2020

Drop-ins for specific classes intermittently: $100 per full day and $75 for a half day (only available for those who have already had Yoga Teacher Training but wish to upgrade their professional development)

All Deposits Are Fully Refundable Until September 15, 2020

Any withdrawal from the program after September 15, 2020 will forfeit a $200 administrative fee

No refunds will be given once the program has begun 

Next Steps & Contact Info:

To learn more about the program, book a free consultation with us to ensure that it feels like the right fit for you!  

Or feel free to get the registration process started now! 

"Dev is great! Very knowledgeable about the structures of the body and very practical about the exercise regime. He was able to isolate the muscles/tendons involved that we're causing my pain and allow me to focus on those when doing rehab exercises. Would highly recommend!"    ~CHESTER M.

"Dev has all the qualities and much more that you could possibly ask for in a physiotherapist. Great listener, patient , knowledgeable, genuine concern for your well being, provides helpful tips and active engagement throughout the healing process. Highly recommend his services!"   ~DARCY C.

"Had shoulder pain for several months and had a difficult time doing any physical practice. I went to several physiotherapists and none helped alleviate the pain or mobility in my shoulder. Fortunately, a friend recommended I go to Primal Human Performance. Amazing results in just a few sessions. Dev discover the root of the pain immediately and his expertise on treating the issue brought quick relief. I'm now pain free thanks to Primal Human Performance. Highly recommend Primal Human Performance."   ~RON P.

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